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Music. Comedy. Validation. The Best Moms' Night Out Ever!

The Pump + Dump Show is a "Parentally Incorrect" night out for every kind of mom – 

an irreverent, one-of-a-kind, musical, interactive comedy event designed as the ultimate respite for beleaguered parents everywhere, because YOU DESERVE IT!

Grab your #BREEDER friends and join us in a city near you!!!

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“If you are lucky enough to be in or near a city they are coming to, I 100% recommend getting tickets and taking as many friends as you can. 

There is so so so much to die laughing at.” 

Jill Krause, Baby Rabies

“I had an absolute BLAST seeing the Pump and Dump last night with friends. If their show comes to your area, I HIGHLY recommend going. 

It’s a great hour-and-half to laugh with other moms.” 

Jamie Grayson, @thebabyguynyc

"I laughed throughout the entire show and found myself struggling to catch my breath. The Pump and Dump offered me a lifeline. It was honest.

It was raw. And it was damn funny.” 

Billy Kilgore, @scarymommy

"Went to this show last night and OMG every mom must go! I laughed the whole time and I fell in love with both comedians being bluntly hilarious about the truth of being a mom!"

- Christine Carranza (Facebook)

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