Our Story

The Pump and Dump Show is a live comedy show and growing parenting brand offering commiseration and validation to beleaguered moms everywhere.

We believe parenting is f-ed up and hilarious. We believe in telling moms that they’re awesome. We believe there’s power in laughter. And that parenting is better when you have a #BandOfMothers to help you. The Pump and Dump Show “night out” for parents where every kind of mom can be in the same room – whether they've never tried a cloth diaper or if they ate their own placenta – and together they can laugh at the things we all have in common. The Pump and Dump Show is the great mommy pressure gauge that equalizes parenting.  


In 2012, while in the shit-storm of new motherhood, Founders Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee had the idea to produce a night out/comedy show for moms.  They started in a local bar in their hometown, Denver, and their first show had around 70 people.  The next had filled up with groups of 10 or more moms.  In six months, they had outgrown the place and were asked to perform the show monthly at a 140-seat cabaret space in downtown Denver.  Ferm and Tee sold out every show there for a year and a half and took their first foray outside of Denver to San Francisco, where they pumped and dumped for 2 sold out crowds.  In 2013, due to high demand, they added a second show in south Denver at a venue twice the size.  In 2015 they performed twice monthly at home and went on their first national tour to over a dozen cities, continuing to tour for the next five years.  The show's popularity has led us to other branches of The Pump and Dump Show, including gifts and merchandise, a book (released March 6, 2018), and digital projects. In August of 2019, Ferm and Tee announced their next big growth spurt of their "baby" - two new casts who will carry the torch and bring more shows to more moms across the US.



Heralded as "the original mom's night out" The Pump and Dump Show is a raucous evening of original music, comedy, games, commiseration and validation. Original, live musical performances are spread throughout the evening with songs like “Eat Your F-ing Food,” and “When I Die, I Want to Come Back as a Dad.” Audience participation includes "Cervix Says" and "The Most F-ed Up Thing Your Kid Did This Week."  The show typically runs an hour and a half, so you'll likely be home by 10pm. We get it. You're tired. While the show is mainly geared towards moms, dads LOVE it too. Rather than man-bashing, or even kid-bashing, this hilarious evening is a celebration and commiseration of what it's like to be a parent. Because we're all just doing the best we can.